Past Event: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (15) The Gonville Hotel Cambridge 17/07/16

Past Event: MAD MAX:FURY ROAD (15)
JULY, 2016

The Gonville Hotel

After a 3 week break, Enchanted Cinema was back with a bang for Mad Max: Fury Road. The weather and vibe could not have been more perfect… What a lovely day!

First shout out has to go to the wonderful Gina Leonard. Gina is a local singer-songwriter and her voice and character alike are just beautiful. Between songs she told stories of her music to the audience as everyone got comfortable in deckchairs and sat under the dappled shade of trees that drape the border of The Gonville Hotel’s secret garden.

“Oh, what a day… what a lovely day!” War Boy Nux.  Mad Max: Fury Road

The short film before this event was second to none! Jonnie Howard brought together an amazingly talented crew and cast for a 3 and a half minute spoof of Mad Max: Fury Road, Clinically Insane Max.  Those who were involved in its production were amongst the sea of headset-covered ears and faces watching and giggling under the glow of the screen. It was a pleasure for us to premier this great short. Check it out here. And here is a great article written by Sam Haysom for MashableUK.

Nemitode Lighting was back with us for this event and Caz, the woman behind those mystical fiber-optics outdid herself. A 35ft tree was draped with cables which, as dusk turned to darkness, came alive as a perfect epic neighbour to the screen. The scarlet light installations next to the blood orange and bright blues of Mad Max couldn’t have looked any more beautiful, or enchanting!

Being the most recent film that we’ve screened to date, we wanted so much to bring this epic back to the big screen so soon after it had been in multiplex theatres because we needed to redress its backdrop! To screen such a visually stunning work, under stars, alongside Nemitode’s light installation, with fairy lights overhead casting a glow on the audience from above… it had to be done!

Much like Mad Max: Fury Road, the evening panned out as a magical journey whose story ended much in the way it began. Though in the case of audience members the full circle started and ended with a lovely buzz and smiles rather than in post-apocalyptic scenes of arid (though beautiful) landscapes!

Massive thanks to everyone who was involved in making the evening so so magical.

Big love from Team EC

Photos below taken by EC’s wonderful Lauren Ridgwell

Past Event: PULP FICTION (18) At The Red Lion Grantchester 19/6/2016

Past Event: PULP FICTION (18)


JUNE, 2016

The Red Lion

Where better to screen such an iconic film than to the backdrop of the iconic Grantchester Meadows?  We popped up again in the beer garden of The Red Lion Grantchester.

The musicians who performed before the screening complimented the Pulp Fiction soundtrack perfectly. The audience dotted between the bar and sitting snuggly on deckchairs.

First up was Cambridge-born Edmund Stubbs who currently gigs between London and Cambridge.  Ed’s a good friend of Enchanted Cinema and it was great to have him playing his magical folky music with us in Grantchester.

Musicians from Cambridge’s Unpluggedin Collective followed Ed’s set.  A seriously talented local duo, Garance Moonflower and Adam Dean on guitar took us on a beautiful journey through blended genres from hip hop to folk and Tom Petite was up last to serenade the audience into dusk over the meadows.  His gravelly voice and foot-stomping had everyone clapping and ready for the evening of Pulp Fiction under the stars to unfold.

A big part of Enchanted Cinema’s ethos as an independent cinema is that we want our big screen to support and showcase the work of local filmmakers as well as the likes of Tarantino. For this event Jonnie Howard made a short film for Enchanted Cinema, Rock, Paper, Cleaver. We were super humbled and honoured for these guys to put together a short specifically for this screening.

Oh The Great British weather! Under June’s stars and rain we had massive love for our enchanting audience for all pulling off our stylish waterproof ponchos so well.

If you were to stand for a while on the other side of the velvet curtains draped between the garden’s cinema and the pub, you’d notice the silence (everyone’s locked into the film through our wireless headsets) would be broken intermittently by giggles and the odd spontaneous sing-along, namely to Chuck Berry’s You Never Can Tell. What a scene!

In these blog posts it’s often hard to describe just how magical an atmosphere is created during an Enchanted Cinema pop-up. From chats at our cinema bar under fairy lights, to moments of collective laughter during scenes that many of us have seen countless times, but for the first time under the stars. We experience and share the beauty of watching a film in the open air, together.

Team EC

Photos below are taken by Lauren Ridgwell

Past Event: THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (15) At The Gonville Hotel 11/6/2016


At The Gonville Hotel


The Grand Budapest Hotel is defined and now renowned for its colour, costumes and set design. Having won Oscars and countless awards for this reason, we knew that we had to find a venue that could do such a visually vibrant film justice…

Will and Ellen spent the chillier months searching for the perfect place in Cambridge. Somewhere in the heart of the town, somewhere grand but not grandiose… Somewhere that could feel like a clearing in an enchanted forest, with branches that we could wind fairy lights around. A rose bush or two, a Georgian maisonette with a Romeo and Juliet-worthy balcony looking out to the cinema… We found it all at The Gonville Hotel!

We’d cut ourselves a slice of urban paradise and got to work. The first film to be screened in this perfect secret garden of a hotel was, naturally, Wes Anderson’s weird and wonderful story set in… a hotel.

It was a sell-out event. The Enchanted Cinema team and audience alike were in good spirits from the moment curtains were pulled back and the live music began (local singer-songwriter Warren Daniel). Warren has been performing to the streets of Cambridge for a few years and is a good friend of both Enchanted Cinema and the Cambridge music scene. This was his second performance before one of our Cambridge screenings and it was, as ever, an absolute pleasure to have him serenading the audience.

Nathan Maclaren-Stewart took some super amazing photos. Ellen worked with Nathan at Fitzbillie’s and it was great to have a local up-and-coming talent taking some snaps for us.

So, lots of drinks were drunk. Popcorn munched. Headphones were pulled over ears and everyone was snug and comfy on their deckchair. Daylight turned to starlight and the story of The Grand Budapest unravelled itself.

At points the skies opened but Team EC was on it and everyone fashioned our trendy waterproof ponchos. We were all dry and riding out the adventure that is outdoor cinema together, laughing at the ridiculousness of Ralph Fiennes under the stars and rain.

So much enchantment! Big love and thanks to everyone for sharing a magical evening of outdoor cinema with us. Here’s to many, many more adventures together.

Past Event: THE BLUES BROTHERS (15) At The Red Lion in Grantchester 29/5/2016


at The Red Lion, Grantchester


What a way to kick off Enchanted Cinema’s Summer Season 2016!
Team EC spent the day transforming the garden of The Red Lion in Grantchester into a fairy tale
setting. 135 deckchairs were set up, Nemitode lighting installed their mystical fiber-optic
installations in trees, popcorn was popped into vintage stamped bags, lanterns were hung and velvet
curtains were draped over the entrance…
As the day of sunshine drew to a close, a line of eager Enchanted Cinema-goers formed a line, one by one entering the
garden of Enchanted Cinema.
Drinks from The Enchanted Cinema Bar flowed as local musicians set a seriously soulful mood with their rhythm and blues. Popcorn was crunched, food from The Red Lion’s BBQ was ordered and photos were taken. What a turn out!
As the screening grew closer, our audience were settled for a cosy evening under the stars. Sitting back in deckchairs, popcorn and drinks in hand Will and Ellen were as enthusiastic as ever as they introduced their first screening of the year.
 Before The Blues Brothers got into full swing, we screened a short film (City Sickness) made by Jonnie Howard, a local talent. Once the music started there was no stopping foot-tapping and humming along, though from the outside that was all you could hear as everyone was locked into the film through our Enchanted Cinema headsets!
A massive thank you goes out to our volunteers, The Red Lion Grantchester, Jonnie Howard for his great short, Nemitode Lighting, our magical musicians and of course every one who came down to share a magical evening of outdoor cinema to the backdrop of Grantchester Meadows.
See you again soon for the next instalment…
Team EC