Thank You Printerbello

We’ve been pretty blown away by the generosity and kindness that local businesses and creatives have given in support of A Christmas Film Festival in aid of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.

Andrew from Printerbello was not overly enthusiastic about a blog post being published about how great his company is. We know that he did not donate to this project for any publicity, but from the goodness of his heart and we just had to share this little story.

Cambridge Live Tickets gave me Andrew’s contact when I was first looking to find a printers to print our fab poster (designed by Nic Farrell). I emailed asking if a discount could be possible and explained that 100% of the profits from the event would be going to EACH.

Andrew replied asking how many I wanted. I said between 10 and 20. He replied ‘20, done. Do you want flyers too?’ At this point I wasn’t sure if we were to pay for them or not and said that ideally we would like to flyer outside a couple of lovely family events at Cambridge Corn Exchange and put some up on community notice boards and in cafes around town.

There was no mention of costings and after a few more very brief emails, Andrew asked for my address. 2 days later 20 beautiful A2 posters and 1,500 flyers (which are all double-sided and printed onto silk-coated card) arrived by courier.

You can see me pictured very shortly after the delivery with a big ol’ grin on my face! What an unbelievably kind contribution to this fundraiser from local printers Printerbello.