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Our story starts simply. We loved making a evening of going to the cinema, a delicious meal before, a music night after, drinks across both. We wondered how we could incorporate this, into a summers evening in that moment on one of Cambridge’s many green spaces, Enchanted Cinema was born.

Our pillars of incorporation – Enchant, entice and immerse.

We love the city that raised us and have always been involved with local projects and working for independent businesses. We worked, saved, got creative and excited in every spare minute and in August 2015 we hosted our first open-air cinema event in Cambridge and what a roller-coaster of magic that was.

Word spread and the magic of Enchanted Cinema unravelled. Enchanted Cinema have and always will be about keeping it local and creative. Before every film a local musician plays for the audience, we screen an independent short and we are all about local street food vendors popping up alongside the cinema! Film, food and music, all in a beautiful setting.

Whats not to love?

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The only way to watch a film I’ll admit to being sceptical about what to expect, but the enchanted cinema was a superb experience that will become a regular feature for us. The food is great and just what you need, but if you want something fancy there is the hotel. Great selection of drinks and snacks also. The live music is a great way to kick off the evening, where the staff do everything they can to make you comfortable and enjoy the experience. We watched Shape of Water and loved it! We cannot wait to go back!”

Stuart C


Definitely an enchanting evening. As the sun sets the lovely lighting around the seating brightens and some local Cambridge acoustic sets a beautiful evening up for a joyous night. Drink in one hand and some popcorn on my lap, reclined in a deckchair… my sort of movie night.

Samuel Benjamin Harris







With a great selection of features, passionate support of local creatives and an abundance of popcorn, this team of friendly film lovers guarantee their audience a unique experience: enjoying the stars on and above the silver screen as the summer sun sets. To simply say it’s enchanting is a cop-out, but a genuine one nonetheless.

Jonathan Howard

JH Film




The hotel setting was pleasantly backed up with the charm of the Enchanted staff led by Will. Around the garden, that was decked out with what at a rough count looked like 200 or so deckchairs, were tasteful marquees with fresh popcorn stand and other accoutrements this was a perfect setting. Bar food at a special rate was available for film goers. All in all, this was summer magic that will supply memories to keep you through the long winter nights. Oh and that starry night sky? Yes it was there, at the end the stars shone through.

Henry Giles


Loved it! Beautiful setting for an outdoor cinema (Gonville Hotel). It feels very surreal when you realise where you are and look up at the stars above you. This was our first time so wasn’t sure what to expect. Live music before the film started was very good – the girl interacted well with the audience. Headphones are provided with variable volume control so you only hear the film. Blankets are also provided – it does get chilly! Bar, food, snacks (popcorn and nachos) all available. Event ran very smoothly. We were left very impressed and will definitely return. Great evening singing along to all those classic Grease songs. 10/10”

Harika Marlow


Cozy night under the stars What a lovely way to spend your Sunday evening, we went to this event at the Gonville Hotel over the bank holiday. (Enchanted Cinema has events all over this summer) The cinema set up in the garden was just beautiful, tree lights, comfy deck chairs, BLANKETS and popcorn, the film sound and visuals were great. Will and his team did an amazing job, they were overall very friendly and helpful.The snacks were also fab, Hotdogs, Nachos, Fries, with a bottle of Chablis (what more could you want) and a fully stocked bar inside the hotel. I believe the event was sold out so buy your tickets fast! Thank you for having us Enchanted Cinema.”



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