The Cambridge Blue


This was the second of our August events. We transformed the garden of The Cambridge Blue into a fairy tale setting for an outdoor screening of Guillermo del Toro’s 3-time Oscar-winning masterpiece, Pan’s Labyrinth.

We pulled back velvet curtains and our audience took to their deckchairs as the tone for the evening was set by the local street performer and musician, Detlev. He performed improvised pieces on his mystical-sounding instrument, the Kotamo. Pints of beer and glasses of wine from the bar were sipped, Enchanted Cinema chocolates by chocolatier Hans Schweitzer melted mouths, fresh popcorn was crunched and food from the The Cambridge Blue’s kitchen was ordered.

The air was tickling with intrigue and excitement as blankets were unfolded, headphones were pulled over ears and lights faded… the screening was about to start.

The sky that evening could not have been more fitting as it gradually changed from pink to blood orange before fading into darkness. The life-sized puppet resembling the Faun (featured in Mexico’s Day of the Dead Parade) which we had hanging from the trees became but a dramatic silhouette!

We joined Ofelia in the old Labyrinth garden and experienced the bewitching adult fairy tale. Under the glow of hanging lanterns and enchanting light installations by Nemitode lighting, together we gasped in awe, horror and admiration at the beautiful unravelling of this classic film.

Thanks to our enchanting audience, the Enchanted Cinema team and the lovely staff and owners of The Cambridge Blue. An unforgettable evening of mystical and enchanting cinema was created in the heart of Cambridge.