JULY, 2017

The Orchard Tea Gardens
Grantchester, Cambridge

We loved the spirit of our audience last night at Back to the Future at The Orchard Tea Gardens.  Oh the Great British weather!  Still, Prosecco was popped, drinks were flowing and there was much delicious food enjoyed courtesy of the lovely French Chef, Franck, the man behind La Maison du Steak.  He brought down his street food van Pull Me Cheri and warmed bellies and hearts.

As always it’s a pleasure to make every event that bit more ‘Cambridge’, local and independent, having Pull Me Cheri and also Cambridge-based singer Warren Daniel play before the film.  Warren was back for the second evening in a row and played yet another magical set, putting smiles on the audience’s faces and quelling any worries that the rain would stop us enjoying an evening of music and film in The Orchards.

Outdoor cinema at The Orchard Tea Gardens, Cambridge

Photograph by @EnchantedCinema

Cambridge filmmaker Robyn Wilton is selecting the independent short films that we show before each of the features at our events this summer at The Orchards. Before Back to the Future we screened Future Curious. It asks the question: in a world where old technology has been banned to make way for the digital future, what risks would you take to reconnect with your past? You can watch it here.

“Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.” – Emmett ‘doc’ Brown

This great short was created by young artists from mac Birmingham ‘Future Curious’ project.  It is a First Acts commission and is one a series of First Acts Short films presented by Screen South and the Ignition Network, in partnership with Random Acts and Arts Council England.

We are super proud to support talented young creatives aged 16-24 who deliver bold expressions of creativity in these 3 minute long short films.  We hope the audience last night enjoyed seeing work from the next generation of artists/filmmakers!

We all took a journey back into our past yesterday evening as we watched Marty McFly hoverboard back onto the big screen.  There is so much nostalgia linked to this film for us and so many others and it was so amazing to relive the film together in such a beautiful space.

Thank you to everyone for coming down and embracing the weather. You were a fantastic audience, we hope we see you again soon and for a drier but no less magical evening of cinema at The Orchards!

Big love, Team EC x

Unforgettable evenings of outdoor cinema in Cambridge

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