At The Gonville Hotel


The Grand Budapest Hotel is defined and now renowned for its colour, costumes and set design. Having won Oscars and countless awards for this reason, we knew that we had to find a venue that could do such a visually vibrant film justice…

Will and Ellen spent the chillier months searching for the perfect place in Cambridge. Somewhere in the heart of the town, somewhere grand but not grandiose… Somewhere that could feel like a clearing in an enchanted forest, with branches that we could wind fairy lights around. A rose bush or two, a Georgian maisonette with a Romeo and Juliet-worthy balcony looking out to the cinema… We found it all at The Gonville Hotel!

We’d cut ourselves a slice of urban paradise and got to work. The first film to be screened in this perfect secret garden of a hotel was, naturally, Wes Anderson’s weird and wonderful story set in… a hotel.

It was a sell-out event. The Enchanted Cinema team and audience alike were in good spirits from the moment curtains were pulled back and the live music began (local singer-songwriter Warren Daniel). Warren has been performing to the streets of Cambridge for a few years and is a good friend of both Enchanted Cinema and the Cambridge music scene. This was his second performance before one of our Cambridge screenings and it was, as ever, an absolute pleasure to have him serenading the audience.

Nathan Maclaren-Stewart took some super amazing photos. Ellen worked with Nathan at Fitzbillie’s and it was great to have a local up-and-coming talent taking some snaps for us.

So, lots of drinks were drunk. Popcorn munched. Headphones were pulled over ears and everyone was snug and comfy on their deckchair. Daylight turned to starlight and the story of The Grand Budapest unravelled itself.

At points the skies opened but Team EC was on it and everyone fashioned our trendy waterproof ponchos. We were all dry and riding out the adventure that is outdoor cinema together, laughing at the ridiculousness of Ralph Fiennes under the stars and rain.

So much enchantment! Big love and thanks to everyone for sharing a magical evening of outdoor cinema with us. Here’s to many, many more adventures together.