Past Event: GREASE (PG)

2 & 9


The Gonville Hotel

The tickets sold so fast that we had to add an extra date which was the first time we had experienced this wonderful thing at Enchanted Cinema. Cambridge really does love Grease, and of course, so do we.

Sian, a wonderful woman in Team EC, loves to dress up and took it on herself to dress as Sandy. She handed out headsets to the audiences and everyone seemed as excited as her. It was really lovely to see so many friends catching up over popcorn and Prosecco before the film and singing their way through the rest of the evening under the stars.

The Gonville Hotel Cambridge served their street food/drive-in style menu both evenings, so sliders of burgers were enjoyed diner style alongside the wine and soft drinks from our bar where Jack, our Popcorn Prince was having the time of his life quoting the film as he served.

We think Grease always needs repeating, as it really does never grow old. What a fantastic musical classic. There are so many great lines we had to choose from to paint onto our sign for the nights, but ‘tell me about it, stud’ made the cut. Which one shall we choose for the next time?