Past Event: GREASE (PG)


JUNE, 2017

The Orchard Tea Gardens
Grantchester, Cambridge

We got chills, they’re multiplying… Our first evening of Enchanted Cinema at The Orchard Tea Gardens Cambridge!  Here we are the day after a wonderful evening watching Grease back on our big screen, in the most glittering, magical, iconic and quintessentially ‘Cambridge’ gardens.

Some thank yous first of all. Alice Brian, local musician: you are just great. Alice played a beautiful acoustic set as the Enchanted Cinema audience settled in their deckchairs, drinks in hand.

Franck (the chef behind Cambridge restaurants La Maison du Steak and Le Gros Franck) brought down his street food van Pull Me Cheri. Fresh popcorn being popped alongside our bar, opposite some seriously delicious French street food being served… Just perfect.

What a lovely audience too. Loads of laughter, lots of smiles.

“Why, this car is auto-matic. It’s system-matic. Its hyyyyydro-matic. Why, it’s greased lightning!” – Danny

The atmosphere last night was just as we’d imagined it would be. When we first visited The Orchard Tea Gardens we had an idea of just how magical it could be to have an open air cinema pop up in the clearing there, between trees. Our imaginations ran wild with excitement.

Lights entwined in branches, deckchairs under dappled light… Though we never could have imagined just how perfect everything would come together. As groups of friends and families sat alongside like-minded cinema and local events lovers, the atmosphere was really something else. With the trees sparkling, draped in lights, the screen casted that lovely warm glow over smiling faces.

Unforgettable evenings of outdoor cinema in Cambridge

Summer Season 2017 Tickets here

We’ve got a few weeks until the next Enchanted Cinema outdoor cinema event at The Orchard Tea Gardens, and it can’t come around soon enough.

Thank you to all the Pink Ladies, & Gentlemen who shared the magic of Grease under the stars with us. See you soon, here’s to many, many more!