Past Event: MAD MAX:FURY ROAD (15)
JULY, 2016

The Gonville Hotel

After a 3 week break, Enchanted Cinema was back with a bang for Mad Max: Fury Road. The weather and vibe could not have been more perfect… What a lovely day!

First shout out has to go to the wonderful Gina Leonard. Gina is a local singer-songwriter and her voice and character alike are just beautiful. Between songs she told stories of her music to the audience as everyone got comfortable in deckchairs and sat under the dappled shade of trees that drape the border of The Gonville Hotel’s secret garden.

“Oh, what a day… what a lovely day!”  War Boy Nux.  Mad Max: Fury Road

The short film before this event was second to none! Jonnie Howard brought together an amazingly talented crew and cast for a 3 and a half minute spoof of Mad Max: Fury Road, Clinically Insane Max.  Those who were involved in its production were amongst the sea of headset-covered ears and faces watching and giggling under the glow of the screen. It was a pleasure for us to premier this great short. Check it out here. And here is a great article written by Sam Haysom for MashableUK.

Nemitode Lighting was back with us for this event and Caz, the woman behind those mystical fiber-optics outdid herself. A 35ft tree was draped with cables which, as dusk turned to darkness, came alive as a perfect epic neighbour to the screen. The scarlet light installations next to the blood orange and bright blues of Mad Max couldn’t have looked any more beautiful, or enchanting!

Being the most recent film that we’ve screened to date, we wanted so much to bring this epic back to the big screen so soon after it had been in multiplex theatres because we needed to redress its backdrop! To screen such a visually stunning work, under stars, alongside Nemitode’s light installation, with fairy lights overhead casting a glow on the audience from above… it had to be done!

Much like Mad Max: Fury Road, the evening panned out as a magical journey whose story ended much in the way it began. Though in the case of audience members the full circle started and ended with a lovely buzz and smiles rather than in post-apocalyptic scenes of arid (though beautiful) landscapes!

Massive thanks to everyone who was involved in making the evening so so magical.

Big love from Team EC

Photos below taken by EC’s wonderful Lauren Ridgwell