Past Event: PULP FICTION (18)


AUGUST, 2017

The Orchard Tea Gardens
Grantchester, Cambridge

It never ever gets old!  The ultimate Tarantino cult classic Pulp Fiction is timeless and we just love showing this one.  So much so that we’re showing it again under the stars on the 17th of September at The Biergarten Film Festival in collaboration with Thirsty.  If you missed out on tickets to Pulp Fiction at The Orchard Tea Gardens Grantchester, join us at the Thirsty beer garden on Riverside next month.

We had the very lovely Souvlaki Shack serving their Cypriot souvlaki before the film.  They use only fresh and locally sourced produce and it was great to partner with an independent business who shares our ethos in keeping things local.

Outdoor cinema at The Orchard Tea Gardens, Cambridge

Photograph by @EnchantedCinema

Local blues singer Louis Thomas played a soulful set before Pulp Fiction and serenaded the audience as the sun set with his soulful vibes.  Always a pleasure having a Louis at Enchanted Cinema.  Watch his space as he’s one super talented guy!

“Hamburgers: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.” -Jules Winnfield

Cambridge filmmaker Robyn Wilton is selecting the independent short films that we show before each of the features at our events this summer at The Orchards.  We showed ‘I Dream of Zombies’ directed by Alex Forbes & Jack Pollington.  It is a First Acts commission and is one a series of First Acts Short films presented by Screen South and the Ignition Network, in partnership with Random Acts and Arts Council England.  We are super proud to support talented young creatives aged 16-24 who deliver bold expressions of creativity in these 3 minute long short films.  We hope the audience last night enjoyed seeing work from the next generation of artists/filmmakers!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Pulp Fiction under the stars.  We can’t wait to share more evenings of outdoor cinema, live music and street food with you.

Big love from Team EC x

Unforgettable evenings of outdoor cinema in Cambridge

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